Cathedral Mature Cheddar

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  • Mature Cheddar
  • Like you, we think the world should be packed full of flavour.
  • We're anti-bland and pro-punchy, in cheese and in life. It's how we think, act and it's how our cheddar will always taste.
  • Our Mature Cheddar is rich, smooth and wonderfully well rounded.
  • No matter whether you're a cheese lover, a taste enthusiast or a midnight fridge raider, we promise to always strive to fill your life with flavour with the unapologetic, unashamed, unmistakable taste of 
  •  Fill your life with flavour.
  • Packaged in a protective atmosphere.
  • Fill your life with flavour with this timeless classic. With a smooth texture and lasting flavour it is undeniably moreish. Not that anyone can say no to our cheddar anyway
  • Smooth & rich
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Pack size: 350G